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Please download the following application forms, complete, and send through to

Download editable PDF’s

Don’t forget to include the following important documents with your application:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Clinic Card
  • Copy of ID – Parents
  • Copy of ID – Anyone else who may be collecting the learner from the school
  • Copy of Medical Fund card
  • Passport photo of learner

    Application for Admission: Splendid Kids / Splendid Independent Private

    I/we, the undersigned, parent/s or legal guardian/s, hereby apply for admission of my/our child mentioned below.

    The school have to receive the completed application form with supporting documents in order to process your application. Please attach them below.

    SECTION A: PERSONAL INFORMATION - Child’s personal details

    Date of birth


    SECTION A: PERSONAL INFORMATION - Child’s Medical Information

    Have all vaccinations as prescribed by law been administered? YesNo
    Does the child suffer from any allergies? YesNo
    Is the child’s physical development, in your opinion, normal for his / her age? YesNo

    SECTION A: PERSONAL INFORMATION - Details of Mother / Legal guardian

    Parental status: Child living with parentsChild’s legal GuardianAccess rights to child

    SECTION A: PERSONAL INFORMATION - Details of Father / Legal guardian

    Parental status: Child living with parentsChild’s legal GuardianAccess rights to child

    SECTION A: PERSONAL INFORMATION - Emergency Contact Details

    Emergency Contact Person A

    Emergency Contact Person B

    SECTION B: ACCOUNT HOLDER - Details and declaration of account holder

    SECTION C: RISK FACTORS FOR SEVERE COVID-19 - Learner Comorbidities

    Please indicate if your child has any of the following comorbidities:
    Cardiovascular Disease

    Moderate/ Severe Hypertension

    Moderate hypertension: systolic BP 160-179mmHg and/or diastolic BP 100-109 mmHg. Severe hypertension: systolic BP ≥180 mmHg and/or diastolic BP ≥110 mmHg.

    Congestive cardiac failure or other serious cardiovascular disease

    Confirmed clinical diagnosis of congestive cardiac failure or other serious cardiovascular disease

    Cerebrovascular disease, including stroke and transient ischaemic attack

    Confirmed clinical diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease.
    Respiratory Disease

    Pulmonary Tuberculosis – untreated or in early treatment

    People who have not completed the intensive phase or first two months of treatment in line with the National Department of Health Standard Treatment Guidelines.

    Moderate to severe asthma

    Asthma which requires treatment with high dose inhaled corticosteroids plus a second controller (and/or systemic corticosteroids) to prevent it from becoming ‘uncontrolled’ or which remains ‘uncontrolled’ despite this therapy.

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

    Confirmed clinical diagnosis of COPD

    Other severe chronic lung pathology, including cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis

    Confirmed clinical diagnosis - irrespective of severity.
    Kidney Disease

    Chronic Kidney Disease

    eGFR < 45

    Third trimester pregnancy

    Estimated to be further than week 27 of pregnancy

    Poorly controlled type II Diabetes Mellitus

    HBA1c ≥7.5% within last 6 months

    Cancer undergoing active treatment

    Currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus with advanced immunosuppression

    HIV positive persons with CD4 count

    Chronic immunosuppressant use

    Chronic use of corticosteroids of >20mg prednisone per day or equivalent, methotrexate, biologicals or other immunosuppressants.


    Chronic use of corticosteroids of >On chronic immunosuppressants
    Primary Immunodeficiencies

    Diagnosed Primary Immunodeficiency

    On chronic immunoglobulin treatment.
    Metabolic syndrome

    Severe obesity

    Body mass index (MBI) of 40 and higher

    Medical Consent and Information


    General terms and conditions

    1. Fees are payable monthly in advance, by no later than the 5thday of each and every month;
    2. Splendid Kids reserves the right to charge interest on all accounts in arrears;
    3. Splendid Kids reserved the right to increase the fees payable. All increases will be communicatedto parents/guardians, in writing, at least 1 (one) calendar month prior to the increase;
    4. The development/administration fee is a once-off, non-refundable fee, to be paid along with the first month’s school fees;
    5. Splendid Kids reserves the right to refuse any child access to the school, should the account holder neglect to settle the account;
    6. The account holder undertakes to give at least 1 (one) calendar month’swritten notice of termination of the Admission contract, failing which, the account holder will be liable for a cancelation fee equal to 1 (one) month’s school fees;
    7. Should Splendid Kids need to institute legal action against the account holder, in order to recover outstanding accounts, the account holder will be liable for all legal costs, on an attorney and client scale, including any tracing fees and collection commission.
    Please read the full agreement here

    Learner Risk Factors For Severe Covid-19: Comorbidities

    Responsibilities of parents
    1. Parents with learners with comorbidities must agree to oversee the daily learning of their children at home, including the daily work and assessments, and sign the acceptance form.
    2. Parents must ensure a conducive environment for the learner to learn at home. This would include learning space, resources etc.
    3. Parents must ensure that all work and assignments are collected and delivered at school, as required by the school.
    Parent Declaration
    1. I have read and understood the contents of Splendid Kids Covid-19 Rules and Regulations - Parent Guidelines and agree to abide fully by the protocols in that document
    2. I have seen the relevant protocols in use at Splendid Kids and I am satisfied with these protocols
    3. Upon receiving a telephone call that my child is presenting with symptoms of COVID-19 I will immediately leave my location and fetch my child
    4. In the event that I cannot fetch my child at the given time, I do declare that I will send a responsible adult to collect my child from Splendid Kids
    5. I further declare that I will give Splendid Kids the relevant permission to release my child into the care of the responsible adult that I send in my place
    6. I will not bring my child to Splendid Kids if they are showing symptoms of infection and I will only return my child when he/she have been cleared by a medical practitioner
    7. If a member of my household has symptoms of COVID-19, or have been diagnosed, I will not return my child to Splendid Kids until they have been cleared by a medical practitioner

    Splendid Kids is a school for little people where pre-school children can feel at home, safe and happy. We have 2 campuses: Splendid Kids Oostersee (3 months until Grade R), Splendid Kids De Tyger (3 months until Grade R) and now we are opening the 3rd campus in Brackenfell (3 months until Grade R). (Splendid Kids private is a registered independent primary school at our De Tyger campus where we currently have enrolled learners until Grade 3. If your child is enrolled at Splendid Kids, they receive preference at Splendid Kids Private.)

    By using various age appropriate curriculums and daily programmes we aim to develop children playfully in a structured environment to reach their full potential. We educate learners in English and Afrikaans.

    Our warm-hearted educators strive to be the extension of the working parent by treating each child with the tender love and care that they deserve. We have a teacher and assistant in each class to ensure that the learning environment is stimulating. The learning and development of children are important to us and therefore you will receive weekly theme letters and quarterly assessment reports.

    We offer a full day service during the week from 06h30 to 18h00, from January until December. We are only closed on public holidays, as we understand that everybody does not get leave in December.

    Our care is not limited to school terms, during holidays we offer holiday programmes.

    We strive to work with our parents to ensure the wellbeing of their children. Do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment if you have any questions.

    Oostersee Campus De Tyger and Splendid Kids Private Campus Brackenfell Campus
    63 Friesland Street
    Dutch Reformed Church Oostersee
    Church hall building
    46 Hannes Louw Drive
    Dutch Reformed Church De Tyger
    Church hall building
    154 Vergenoegd Street
    Protea Heighs
    Tel: 072 119 4022 Tel: 072 120 3437 Tel: 072 119 3386